State Certified Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Our State Certified Drug & Alcohol Treatment program is designed to welcome the individual in a time of distress and uncertainty, offering effective support that is unique among treatment centers. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy gives our individuals the advantage of being able to see themselves in others, having others give feedback to potential blind spots, and learning to share true feelings and experiences with professional guidance.

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy can be helpful to begin a concentrated look at one's own self and specific issues surrounding their addiction.

Nutritional Education

Substance abuse interferes with getting enough of the essential vitamins, food for energy and growth, health maintenance, and sometimes, life itself. The deficiencies of these essentials are closely tied to addiction behaviors.

Family Session

This is a time for family members and the individual to communicate with each other, discuss areas of dysfunction, confess needed areas of change and begin the healing process. All of this is done with the help of a facilitator in a slow, careful and progressive manner.